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VPA Consulting Case Study 1

Last year, VPA Consulting was approached by a client in the medical field that provided services to health care professionals. They needed help untangling their organisational mess which was creating bottlenecks, stopping the flow of work and lowering productivity. There were a lot of mistakes being made and the staff were really frustrated because nothing was getting done in time.


 Our Methodology:

Being such an advocate for systems and processes, we created our own system and follow the below formula when diving into our clients business. The formula we follow looks like:

Problem  —->  Investigation  —-> Plan of Action —-> Implementation

We started the process by diving deep into our client’s business to investigate concerns, issues and problems. We asked staff questions such as “how long it took to complete a task” and what their daily workflow was like, systems they use etc. The problems found were outdated programs, clunky scheduling and email systems, and no centralised information.


Problem 1: Outdated Programs

Work was slower than normal due to one person only being able to use the current program at a time. This slowed down productivity, frustrated staff and caused bottlenecks.

After deep investigation into the issue, we found out that one of the reasons this was happening because the program was outdated and only able to handle one user at a time, creating a backlog of work for other staff needing to use that same program for different tasks.

After talking to all staff members and understanding their day-to-day tasks and what the program was used for, we started researching multi-user programs that would be able to hold the daily workload of each staff member.

We presented our findings and recommendations to the company and suggested that we upgrade the current program to a multi-user one. We provided a detailed list of software programs that could not only handle the current workload, but automate and improve the company’s overall work flow.


Problem 2 . Clunky Calendar & Scheduling

The current Apple iCloud calendar system being used was dysfunctional. The program being used had to be refreshed constantly and couldn’t handle more than one person using it at a time. This slowed down productivity due to another person having to wait for the first person to jump out before being able to access the same calendar.

The staff member would get client and practitioner information from Gmail and CRM. The problem was that the calendar was all one colour, so staff members weren’t able to tell which practitioner was available and at what time or date. This meant each calendar day had to be clicked into individually to find out who was available.

We found that in the space of sending out one client appointment, team members would have to jump into the Apple iCloud Calendar at least 10 times to make a tentative appointment and check the medical practitioners schedule. The staff member then needed to find the right travel times to coincide with these appointments, again jumping back in to update the calendar once the appointment was confirmed. This was a lot of unnecessary back and forth.

There was a lot of research in the investigation phrase so we had to dig deep with this one before we could start the implementation process. We knew this could be simplified. We looked into other calendar and email systems and presented a list of our findings to the client.

The final choice was to go with Google Calendar temporarily as this spoke and connected to Google Mail and allowed staff to colour coordinate per medial practitioner’s appointment, saving the hassle of jumping in and out of the calendar constantly.


Problem 3. Templates and Documents not in one place.

There was no centralised place to find documents (ie: appointment confirmations) or templates, so we decided that due to the use of Google Calendar and Google Mail, it would make sense to use Google Drive. We collected all documents, templates  and research emails  and set up specific folders in Google Drive  that will now enable staff members to find documentation, emails, letters and  templates more easily.

With no systems in place the staff didn’t know what they were doing, or where to find the right files, now there is a systemised process for booking practitioners appointments and sending out reminders.


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“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”


Jon Snow, Lord Camander of the Nights Watch

"So amazing, I cant believe I worked without systems for so long"


Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

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